Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 33

Today I volunteered to represent my son's Cub Scout Pack and do a paper airplane workshop the Big Fall Play Day at a local elementary school. Of course I didn't realize we'd be doing this outside, on a cold, windy day, in the shade.... But it was actually a ton of fun. I must have made a couple dozen paper airplanes of all different designs, from simple darts to complex origami-like planes that required tearing parts of the paper off, to unusual stunt designs that didn't look like they should even fly.

We had a lot of kids stop by the table, and I'd always fold one of my own along with them, so that a) I could help if they got lost, and b) provide backup if things went horribly wrong. And that left me with a pile of spare planes for those who couldn't (or didn't want to) fold their own, but still wanted to decorate and/or throw paper airplanes.

Some great volunteers from the YMCA were on hand to help out, and to run adjacent tables and return errant planes to their owners.

And after my run yesterday, I was glad for a chance to do something that involved sitting... even if the metal folding chair was on the cold side.

One nice bonus was that with extra volunteers on hand, my boys could take advantage of the all-access wristbands we got for volunteering. So they got to run the full gamut of balloon animals, face painting, bouncy castles and other festive activities.

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