Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 37

One thing I've noticed is that sometimes people are suspicious of kindness. They think it's a trick, or that the person being kind must have some ulterior motive. To be honest, there is a bit of motive behind it: It makes the giver happy. Hopefully it makes the recipient happy too, and it pretty much always does I think, but you have to get past the suspicion sometimes.

One of the ideas provided to me in the "Inspiration Box" was to leave free popcorn at a Redbox video rental kiosk. But I was thinking, popcorn with no note would be kind of mysterious. Popcorn with a note in my handwriting might look a tiny bit sketchy, but it'd probably be fine. But free popcorn with a note in a kid's handwriting would probably be irresistible. And the point is for somebody to take up this offer, right? So I had my boys write some notes for me.

 ... then I distributed them to a few local Redboxes around town.

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